I read an article this morning by NYTimes writer Eric Asimov which prompted me to fire up the old domain name, install the latest version of WordPress and get back to my wine blogging roots! In his article titled “Wine as the Supporting Player in an Ensemble Cast at Home,” Asimov makes the┬árecommendation to drink more wine at home and learn to love it.

The title alone was enough to have me find something else to read…wine as the “supporting player in an ensemble cast”…who thinks this stuff up? But I clicked. And read. And found a few good tips for the wine novice such as get a simple corkscrew, decent stemware, to make friends with a good wine salesperson at your local shop (this is a great tip, actually). That said, overall the article is a bit vague as to how to actually keep, serve and enjoy the wine at home.

Here is my guide to how to have wine at home:

1. Keep at least 12 bottles of wine in the house. For some of you this sounds like 1/2 a shelf in your cellar of 100’s or 1000’s of bottles. To others, this is 11 more than you have on hand at any time. But I can make the argument that 12 is the perfect number (and never below 6 bottles) and this list gets you good coverage for peoples varying wine tastes: Read More →