E. Guigal Crozes-Hermitage Rouge 2007

E. Guigal Crozes-Hermitage

Greetings to the foodandwineblog world. I’m Mark and I occasionally harrass Greg and Michael while enjoying fine food, wine, beer, and spirits. Foolishly, someone saw fit to provide me a password to this site and with any luck I’ll provide occasional musings on tasty happenings.

To kick things off I’ll share some brief feelings on some French wine I enjoyed recently.

E. Guigal Crozes-Hermitage Rouge 2007

Fantastic northern Rhone Syrah with dark fruit, leather, and olive notes. More savory and earthy than the fruit forward grenache heavy southern Rhones that I’ve been pursuing recently, but this was really a delight with a great texture and nice acidity.

Guigal also offers a Crozes-Heritage Blanc which is primarily Marsanne.  Unhelpfully, you won’t find the words rouge or blanc on the bottle, however the visual cue of, you know, red or white wine should clear things up.


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Try this Portuguese “cocktail” this warm, Spring weekend!

Try this quick and easy Portuguese mix for a refreshing cocktail on a spring or summer night.


  • Dry White Port Wine
  • Tonic Water
  • Lime
  • Ice

Simple: Just mix the Port Wine and Tonic Water in a 1:1 ratio, add a squeeze of fresh lime and garnish with the lime wedge. Serve over ice in any wine glassware.

A few to consider:

Quinta Seara D’Ordens White Porto Fino
Taylors Chip Dry White Port NV
Burmester Extra Dry White Port

*Image free from dreamstime.com
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Ten 22 in Old Sacramento, CA – Nice execution of farm to table.

This review is short in text, long overdue and lacks photos, but I wanted get the name of the restaurant out there.  This past March I visited Ten 22 restaurant in Old Sacramento.  Named for it’s address (1022 Third St.), the focus is on creative ways to use farm fresh ingredients from the Sacramento area.  The wine list was well thought out and, as I was dining alone (as I often do being on the road 120+ days a year), I enjoyed tasting a few of the wines poured by a very helpful and knowledgeable bartender.

I started with a truffled mushroom salad with bacon and a delicious vinegar reduction.  The mushrooms were very fresh and earthy and the vinegar was just enough acid to cut through the bacon fat but not overpower the lovely pork belly.

For my main course I thoroughly enjoyed an elk steak cooked rare-plus to order, with a red wine and plum reduction.  The reduction didn’t overtake the open range flavors of the elk and the meat was tender as can be.

Highly recommended.

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Taking it back to our roots…

by Michael Mohammadi

I started foodandwineblog.com in 2006 as a personal journey into cooking, wine, restaurants, beer and spirits, as well as travel.  It was fantastic.  At the time I was working part-time as a wine sales rep and had a chance to taste a lot of wine, mostly from Portugal.  This was a natural evolution from my passion for food and wine growing up and allowed me to see the professional side of the industry.

Shortly thereafter, I spent two years as a wine director for Sotto Sopra, a fantastic Italian restaurant in Baltimore, MD (one of my favorite restaurants I’ve had the pleasure of eating in).  As I was finishing my PhD and not allowed to have a second job, I was more of a consultant that just helped out with the wine list, wine ordering and wine events.  Some days before or after lab, and many weekends I would spend hours tasting dozens of wines, pairing wines with Chef Crouse, and spending some time with one of my best friends (Greg “Beerman” Bissonette) doing food, wine, and beer shows as we launched Foodandwineblog TV.  These were some of my fondest memories from grad school outside of the science and discovery that took place within the lab.

Near late 2009 my priorities changed and sadly, food and wine writing had taken a back seat to PhD writing, finding a job, and taking care of my huskies.  At that time foodandwineblog.com was maintained by Beerman with primary contributions coming from his many experiences in his kitchen and on the road in his travels.  Greg is an amazing cook, home brewer, and connesieur of many fine things in life.  With his help foodandwineblog.com flourished.

At its peak, we were getting over 1000 readers per day.

Skip forward to 2013.  Over 1000 posts, 100000 unique visitors and two PhDs later.  That’s where we are now.  Over the last year or so foodandwineblog has been off my radar, and with Greg being immersed in his post-doc and grants the website has been put on the back burner.  It’s what happens.  It’s life.  I get that.  But with my traveling over 100 days a year with work and visiting some awesome cities and countries, and Greg really getting into baking breads, cooking and homemade “just about anything”, we are excited to get back to some writing.

You’ll notice the format of F&WB has changed, but it’s still two best friends, sharing their journey into wine, food, cooking, beer, spirits, travel, hunting, and just about anything we can get our hands into.  We thank you, our readers and friends, for supporting us through the years.

Cheers to you all!


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Book Reviews! Tortillas, Poptails, My Provence, Smart Eating and an angry Vegan

By Greg B.  Here at the Food and Wine Blog, we have a lot of opportunities to review books.  Some travel books, some beer books, but far and away, the most common book we have options to review are cookbooks.  So here is my review of 3 books that I’ve recently read through for cooking, and one book that is, truthfully, full of some serious BS. Continue reading

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Spirit Review: Broken Shed Premium Vodka

By Greg B. Join Greg B as he provides his thoughts about Broken Shed Premium Vodka.  Distilled in Wanaka, New Zealand from whey and mixed with a blend of Northern and Southern New Zealand water, this vodka is of exceptional quality and flavor.   So join us for another Spirit driven episode of Food and Wine Blog TV! Continue reading

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Switzerland, oh beautiful Switzerland!

By Greg B.  There is something supremely majestic about seeing the Alps.  Sure, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Lichtenstein all have their portions of the Alps (well, Lichtenstein is nothing but Alps…), but Switzerland is arguably the most well known Alpine nation.  People have been living in this gorgeous landscape for over 150,000 years, despite hard, yet beautiful winters.  Farming and cattle are mainstays of the rugged landscape, and as you traverse the area, the faint and gentle ring of cowbells will be heard, carried on the gentle Alpine breeze. Continue reading

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Caramelized Red Onion and Mushroom Pizza with O&CO Olive Oil

By Greg B.  Good olive oil is one of those staples in a kitchen.  Sure, one can get by with el-cheapo olive oil, but truthfully, they either provide no flavor or provide off and weird flavors.  Once you’ve tried good olive oil, there really isn’t any going back.  That lightly sweet, fruity aroma, with a tiny sweetness to taste, followed by a rush of spicy bitterness at the back of the throat, as the flavor of a thousand olives scream in your mouth ‘Yo, pay attention to us!’.  Now, I do have my specialty olive oil that I use for certain occasions (it was a gift from a friend from Portugal), but I’m frequently trying new olive oils for my general use in my kitchen.  So when O&CO wrote and asked if I wanted to review their products, I of course accepted! Continue reading

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Book Review: Extreme Brewing by Sam Calagione

By Greg B.  In my spare time, when I have time to sit and read books, I continue to be something of a science nerd.  I read historical scientific literature (the complete works of, say, Charles Darwin, in their 1st editions), or historically important philosophy texts like Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville.  But occasionally, I shake things up and read books about beer.  Years ago I purchased Extreme Brewing by Sam Calagione, and I’m pleased to learn there is a 2nd edition currently in press.  To lets give this book a little review! Continue reading

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Beer Review: Mischief by The Bruery

By Greg B.  So, this is actually an old post, but I never got around to finishing it and posting it.  So, no time like the present!  It’s my pleasure to review yet another great beer by the guys out in southern California at The Bruery.  I’ve had some tasty beverages of theirs over the years, and this beer is no exception.  It’s a Belgian-styled strong pale ale and is a great balance of flavor, alcohol and textures. Continue reading

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