Beer Review: Mischief by The Bruery

By Greg B.  So, this is actually an old post, but I never got around to finishing it and posting it.  So, no time like the present!  It’s my pleasure to review yet another great beer by the guys out in southern California at The Bruery.  I’ve had some tasty beverages of theirs over the years, and this beer is no exception.  It’s a Belgian-styled strong pale ale and is a great balance of flavor, alcohol and textures.

This bottle was a gift from my sister and her boyfriend, and as the weather turned warm back in May, I chilled and popped the cap on it.  It’s a big bottle (750mL), so it’s wise to share this.  I, on the other hand, had no one at that moment to share it with, so I consumed the bottle in it’s entirety.  Great if you’re staying at home, but this beer does pack a punch… so consider yourself warned!  It pours a lightly hazy golden color, with a large and frothy off-white head that explodes off the pour (pour gently) and remains throughout the entire time you’re planning on drinking this beer.  The beer has an impressive aroma, rich with yeasty and spicy aromas all with a touch of that sourness you get sometimes from wheat beers, just hiding in the background.  The taste is great, it’s like a strong saison but with all the delicious malt flavors you get from other, more common styles of Belgian ales. And don’t forget the sharp and quick jab of the bitter hops right towards the finish!  Light malt, hint of sourness, fresh fruits, some alcohol and the spiciness of a peppercorn all rolled into one.  The beer has a bit of an alcohol nose at the start, but this quickly dissipates after pouring.  Great beer, it’s robust it’s flavorful and it’s like a blending of many different styles.  It would be great to find this around more often!  8.6% abv, 4.1/5.

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