Tortoise Creek 2010 Chardonnay ‘Jam’s Blend’

By Greg B.  It’s been a while since I last reviewed a wine on here, and definitely in the category of ‘far too long’!  Here’s a quick review of a Chardonnay from Lodi, California. Sustainably produced, good QPR and tasty to boot, if you enjoy a nice chardonnay from time to time, this may be a good one for you!

What good chardonnay can you buy for under $15?  It’s a challenge, I think, to to search for really good QPR chardonnay wines that are in the low budget range.  Most chardonnay bottles end up weirdly acidic, thin and harsh, while the standard chardonnay for the US producer might scream ‘OAK’.  What I like about the Tortioise Creek Chardonnay is that it meets a lot of my criteria for a good QPR chard.  First, the bottle is very inexpensive, coming in around $12 a bottle.  The wine really puts forth a lot of vanilla on the nose, but there’s a more robust ripe light fruit aroma in the background.  The flavor is pretty floral with substantial acididy, rendering this wine a decent food wine, but it also has some more subtle citrus and fruit notes, on top of the perfumey and vanilla aromas, making this enjoyable in it’s own right.  Add into the mix that this wine is sustainably produced in the USA, and I think it scores very well in virtually all categories:  affordable, versatile, tasty and produced with the environment in mind.  Nice work, Tortoise Creek!  F&WB rating: 88 pts, 13.3% abv.

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