Townhouse Kitchen & Bar Review

By Vadim K.  Walking into the restaurant, we were greeted by two lovely hostesses that pointed us directly to the bar. After receiving our first glass of cabernet sauvignon and a Blue Moon, we grabbed a seat along a narrow table. While the Blue Moon was nothing special, the beer selection on tap was quite impressive. I would venture to say there were about 20 beers available on tap. The seating ranged from lounge chairs with small tables for drinks, to bar style chairs along table countertops, to a more formal dinner style table. Most notably, we found several tables that had beer taps directly in the middle of the table. I don’t know about you, but for me this was a first. While the beers at these tables were your typical domestic brews, the overall idea is pretty attractive. Need a re-fill, go ahead and pour your own!

As we sat and enjoyed our drinks, waiters brought us a range of sample size dishes ranging from chocolate covered strawberries, to freshly made red pepper hummus, to bite size tangy fajitas, to steak with chimichurri sauce, to butter cake. The servings were small, but delicious! The chocolate covered strawberries were juicy and sweet, the steak was tender as can be, albeit a bit on the spicy end (*disclaimer*, I’m not one for spicy foods!), and the butter cake was rich as expected. Looking at the menu now it looks like we sampled items from the “small plates” section. For a tasty snack, the price is right. I’m looking forward to going back to try to the variety of main dish options available.

Just as the food ranged from classy to the casual slider, so did the atmosphere. There was a mix of snazzy décor and dim lighting along with hip-hop music in the background. I know that whenever I go to a bar, I’m always weary about the booming music. If I’m going to bar, I want to be able to actually hear the person I’m talking with instead of trying to read their lips the entire time. I was pleasantly surprised to find the music at a very amiable level. While we arrived at the bar around 5pm, it felt as if we had started a night on the town at midnight. Overall, Townhouse proved to be a live destination filled with many food and drink options well within your budget.  Sophisticated, yet down to earth.

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