Numi’s Chocolate Puerh Tea: Great for National Chocolate Week

By Greg B.  A few weeks ago I posted an article in which I reviewed both a vodka by van Gogh and a chocolate tea.  I’d like to take a moment, during National Chocolate week (March 14-20), to once again mention this tea, which I’ve been enjoying for the past few days.  Numi’s Organic Tea, the Chocolate Puerh.

At first thought, a chocolate tea might seem strange, but somehow pleasant.  One immediately imagines thick, hearty and rich hot chocolate drinks, or even coffee and chocolate mixes.  While those are very tasty, and obviously deserve considering during a National Chocolate week, I’d like to appeal to your more simple side.  This chocolate tea is in a different class than those heavy and super robust chocolate drinks but, I think, this is a very good class to be in.  Puerh tea (Pooh-air, for pronunciation) is a special tea that ferments for 60 days, providing a well rounded and hearty depth of flavor (along with extra anti-oxidants apparently, more than green tea!).  This rounded and deeper flavored tea makes the perfect backbone for a chocolate flavor.

The tea is very well structured and flavored.  After adding the hot water and steeping for 5 minutes or so (the tag on the teabag instructs one to steep 3-5 minutes), the kitchen was filled with a light and tasty chocolate aroma.  One thing I especially like about this tea is how aromatic and flavorful it is, yet how light on the palate it is.  It brings out all the aromas and flavors or chocolate that you know and love but in a lighter form.  There is no heavy cream or sugar (unless you want it), there is just the pleasant essence of chocolate.  It’s perfect for an evening tea, or even a late morning relaxing while reading.


**Necessary Disclosure** In compliance FTC Guidelines at 16 CFR Part 255, I hereby disclose that I received these tea samples free of charge

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