Fischer & Wieser Brings the Holiday Goods!

By Greg B.  Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing several tasty products from Fischer & Wieser.  From mustard to sauces, I’ve enjoyed them all and found them pretty useful in the kitchen.  As the year comes to a close, I’d like to review 3 more products for you that are tasty in their own right, but being seasonally appropriate makes them all the more fitting.

Pumpkin Pie Butter - It may be after Thanksgiving and people may be starting to forget the delicious autumn squash, but I won’t.  As people turn their thoughts to more gingery, darker flavored winter seasonal desserts, I refuse to let pumpkin pie go.  As such, it’s a pleasure to taste this Pumpkin Pie Butter.  The butter is not thick and gooey as some, but rather is a bit more thin and spreadable.  However, it’s not thin at a loss of texture of taste.  Rich flavors of all-spice and pumpkin make themselves known with a creamy, textured butter that is very tasty on toast, bagels, breads or, quite frankly, on its own.  enjoy a spoonful of it while you’re setting it out for guests, you’ll find it quite pleasant.

Almond & Cherry Jubilee Jam – I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one.  I like Cherries, I like Almonds, and I suppose I’d enjoy a good jubilee if I encountered one.  Not being sure I’d recognize one in real life, I was fortunate to have one shipped to me in an 6 ounce jar!  Cherry Almond Jubilee is a very tasty combination of sweet and sour cherries (not Asian food here, imagine tart, succulent cherries, slightly candied, surrounded by sliced almonds and a tasty sauce that is both sweet and tangy-ly tart.  One sample and your taste buds will inform your brain why this is called a jubilee!  I’m not sure how I’d use this, perhaps as a topping on a baked good, or even potentially with a simply prepared chicken breast or salad of bitter greens (in small quantity).  But I can tell you one thing, a spoonful of this will excite your taste buds for a long time after the spoonful is gone! **update** Since I last wrote this paragraph, I’ve enjoyed the Almond & Cherry Jubilee Jam on a double decker almond butter & Almond/cherry jubilee sandwich sandwich where it worked perfectly.  The tart sweetness was a fantastic contrast to the slightly sweet bread and hearty goodness of the almond butter.  Damn tasty!

Hibiscus & Ancho Chile sauce – I nearly made a mistake with this sauce.  I was about to grill up some shrimp and then serve the sauce as a dipping sauce for them.  While this would have been adequate, after tasting the product I decided this wouldn’t have been a great pairing.  This sauce begs for spare ribs.  Slow cooked, either beef or pork, this sauce would be perfect (most likely better with the pork).  Imagine having a sweet sauce that initially greets the tongue with sweet hibiscus flavor, only to follow through with a long finish of ancho chile.  that dark, smokey and slightly spicey flavor just begs for the slightly nutty flavor of slow cooked pork, or the tender heartiness of well cooked beef ribs.  While I don’t have any on hand to cook and show you all (I apologize in advance for this) I look forward to a time in a few weeks when I do have this available to make for myself!  This sauce would also be great as an addition to a burger, or perhaps a heartier broiled fish, like salmon or potentially even something as strongly flavored as bluefish.

In the end, Fischer & Wieser have some fantastic products, and I’m always happy to support them.  Their sauces have many uses, and they have many flavors to offer, making the decision to go with a Fischer & Wieser product nearly always a good one.  I hope you find some and enjoy them this holiday, along with family and friends!

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