For Fathers’ Day: Baltimore’s Brat!

By Tom M.  Sometimes there is nothing better than a grilled, German-style brat and a cold beer.  I have always been a fan of the Baltimore based Roma Gourmet Sausage company and had to try out their Natty Boh Brats when I saw the iconic one-eyed Bawlmer icon, Mr. Boh, staring at me from the meat section shelve at my local grocery store.

I decided to celebrate Fathers’ Day simply this evening by enjoying the simple pleasure of a cold beer and one mankind’s greatest creations: the brat!  While the grill was heating up, I rough-chopped a Vidalia onion and tossed it into a pan with a drizzle of olive oil and a pat or two of butter.  If you don’t have a side burner on your grill, shame on you.  You need one.  It is great being able to cook onions and sauces and such while you tend to the main event on the grill.  Once the frying pan heated-up and the butter was fully liquefied I tossed the chopped onion around so that each piece was well coated, then placed a cover on over the top of the pan.  (Note:  don’t completely cover the pan.  Let some of the steam escape out the side.)

While the brats were doing their thing on the grill I periodically toss the onions around and then put the cover back into place.  Once the butter and olive oil had mostly reduced, I added some of Conklin Street’s “finest” Bohemian style beer for the onions to further steam in. (Yea, yea, yea… I know it hasn’t been brewed here for a long time but it is still old-time Bawlmer!)

I purposely did not add any seasoning to the onions.  The sweet taste of the Vidalia onion steamed in the beer is the perfect compliment to this lightly, spiced, German sausage.  I prefer a little brown mustard to finish it off.

The result was spectacular.  If you are a fan of brats I implore you to go pick up a package of Natty Boh Brats by the Roman Gourmet Sausage company.  They had much more flavor than your run of the mill brat but were not so different that you forgot you were eating a good-old, grilled brat.

I hope all of the fathers out there had a terrific Fathers’ Day.  I sure did!

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