Beer of the Day: Brooklyn Brewery’s Local 1 Ale

By Greg B. A few weeks ago, I ran my first half marathon. But a good friend of mine from college came down, not to run the half, but to beast out the full marathon.  So as is customary among friends, I offered him use of the spare bedroom while he brought down a token of gratitude, a bottle of beer from Brooklyn Brewery, direct from Brooklyn itself!  For those of you long-time readers, you’ll probably remember the Brooklyn lager as one of my favorite lagers (it actually has flavor, amazing!) and the old favorite for holidays, the Chocolate Stout.  But the Local 1 ale is a little different.  It’s a really great American brewery version of a Belgian pale ale, using classic ingredients, some technical brewing know-how to produce a good old fashioned delicious brew.  Lets see how it stacks up!

The beer pours a beautiful very hazy light golden color, which has a luscious honey gold color in the thicker parts of the glass.  A nice very frothy bright white head rises out of the glass, forming large bubbles but leaving a surprisingly low amount of lace around the glass as the head recedes (or, maybe I drank the beer too quickly!).  Aromas of light sweet fruits, clear sugar notes coupled with the traditional Belgian yeast estery aromas really makes this beer palatable.  There are hints of doughy type aromas lurking, but the center stage is clearly Belgian yeast + lightly caramelized sugars.  The mouthfeel provides a sharp carbonation kick that really ensures this beer (which is 9% abv) doesn’t linger too much on the tongue.  Typically, higher alcohol beers carry with them a lot of residual sugars, but this beer has a nice, light clear body, sharp carbonation and is super easy to drink.  The overall flavor is very much on par with the aroma, though the lightly malted barley really provides a nice backbone for all the other flavor to stand up and deliver a nice Belgian beer punch to your taste buds.  Delicious!  4.0/5, 9%abv

Served in a Chimay glass... I had to!

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  1. Sean says:

    Now this looks like a great beer, A very very classy beer.

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