Hoyo de Underwhelming

by Tom M. During a recent afternoon of grilling I had to opportunity to light up a cigar that I had received as gift this past Christmas (my wife is awesome).  The cigar was a Hoyo de Monterrey Gener Jose Li, Limited Edition, Churchill, maduro.  (Believe it or not… all of that information save for the size, Churchill, and wrapper type, maduro, was contained on the cigar band!)  Talk about a cigar with some oversized machismo!  Try saying that name a few times quickly…  In appearance the cigar lived up to its proud name but not so much in the flavor department.

I left my Xikar cutter in Indiana a few weeks ago when I was visiting some friends so I tried the “punch cutter “that folds out from the bottom of my trusty lighter. I made it about five minutes after I lit up.  The draw was so tight and it was hard get a sense of the true taste of the cigar without the usual mouthful of smoke. The mouth feel is totally different when smoking a cigar though this type of cut. Also, the cigar was running hotter than it should due to all of the extra draws I was taking to keep it lit. I pulled a Clint Eastwood and chewed the end off a bit and things improved.

The wrapper was dark like Columbian coffee beans but lacked any of the beautiful, fragrant oils you associate with coffee beans. Truth be told the wrapper was dry and it remained dry throughout the entire smoke. The flavor was nice if not complex. Strong coffee notes with hints of dark chocolate and subtle tobacco undertones.

My hat goes off to the roller. The burn was perfectly even throughout the entire length of this Churchill sized smoke and ash was the color of charcoal that has been smoldering for a few hours.

In my not so humble opinion… this cigar would make for a better after dinner or with coffee cigar than a midday, grilling with a pint of cold ale in your hand cigar.

Still…  Any nice cigar while outside in the yard with a pint while a beer can chicken is cooking under the grill hood…  My son and I were listening to the O’s actually winning a game…  Even if the cigar was a bit underwhelming…  I would count that afternoon in the category of “Living the Dream”!

Take some time to slow down and enjoy “the good life”!

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