Beer of the Day: Wolaver’s Pat Leavy’s All-American Ale (certified organic)

By Greg B. In general, organic beers, or beers made from organic barley and hops they… well… they just kind of suck.  It’s not really that they’re ‘bad’… it’s more that they lack any pizazz.  any oomph.  Any really interesting flavors and new characteristics.  As for why this tends to be the case, I haven’t the foggiest notion, but a brewery that can make a world class series of ales will generally have a mediocre ‘organic’ beer.  Luckily, Wolaver’s Brewery (owned by Otter Creek)  breaks with the rest of the pack.  In part of their ‘Farmer’ series, naming beers after people who influence the way they get their beer products (check out the link to the brewery, it has a nice little story about this particular name), Pat Leavy’s All-American ale was created.

I poured the beer into my favorite little mug (taking note that the bottle was a twist off, as I opened it with my church key).  As it poured, a fair amount of head rose up from the beer, so I gently gave more of a tilt to the glass.  In the end, a solid 1.5 fingers of bright white head existed, and stayed with some permanence.  The beer was a very beautiful dark golden or light amber color, which, coupled with the bright white head, provided a nice visual contrast.  The beer has some nice little hop characteristics, sweeter citrusy hops and a grainy-tea kind of aroma persist.  It’s nice, if anything slightly less hoppy than an American pale ale (the label says American ale, which I interpreted to be a pale ale, but I could be wrong here).  The beer really shows off a very full bodied aspect while you sip it, and presents a grainy, biscuity malt mouthfeel and flavor, though some slightly caramelized flavors exist as well, playing nicely with the sweeter hop aromas and a little sweetness in the beer.  Overall, this is a rather nice beer.  It’s not amazing, it’s not terrible, and it’s still head and shoulders above some of the other organic beers I’ve tried.  Well done, Wolaver’s (Otter Creek)!  2.9/5, Abv unknown.

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4 Responses to Beer of the Day: Wolaver’s Pat Leavy’s All-American Ale (certified organic)

  1. Christian says:

    While I cannot taste it, the picture really is the image of a good beer, with that white head, golden hue and sparkling bubbles. If I didn’t knew it was an ale I’d say it was a lager. ;)

  2. Greg says:

    Haha, you just wait. I’m going to post the Pilsner that I brewed a few months ago. I let it lager in my fridge (took up most of my food space), but now it’s time to drink it!

  3. Christian says:

    I can’t wait to see the review! :)

  4. Jim says:

    I like the Wolaver’s IPA & Brown Ale. I feel exactly the same way about Wolaver’s vs. other organic beers.

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