Cigars, anyone?

I had the pleasure of enjoying a Perdomo Habano Marduro during Sunday’s Ravens’ victory over the New England Patriots at the Main Street Cigar Shop in Bel Air Maryland. (I will speak more about this outstanding cigar shop and the cast of characters that frequent it in another post.) I chose their Robusto size (5” long with a ring gauge of 50).  The wrapper, binder and filler are all from Nicaragua.

The first unlit draw imparted a very solid tobacco core with notes of coffee and chocolate.  While the wrapper was the typically dark shade/ color associated with a Maduro it did not have the oily sheen and feel that I expected and was hoping for.  That changed about 1 minute and a half after it was lit.

It seems that what this particular cigar needed was some time to warm-up. Much like one “toasts” certain spices on the stovetop to release the aromatic and flavorful oils contained in the spice, well… that is exactly what happened when the flame was applied to this sturdy Robusto.  As the wrapper warmed the dry exterior gently gave-way to the fragrant oils sleeping just below the surface.  As I smoked this cigar the solid tobacco core remained as did the hints of coffee.  What made this cigar particularly enjoyable was the growing presence of semi bitter dark chocolate.  It was present through the entire smoke (which I enjoyed to the point or nearly burning my knuckles) and remained on the finish.  I have never been a fan of pairing cigars with wine but plan on doing so the next time I smoke this particular cigar to see how a nice red (Recommendations, Mike?) mingles with the bitter chocolate notes.

It is worth mentioning that this cigar had a perfectly even burn with a beautiful silver gray ash.  The strength of this smoke is right about where medium bodied meets full.

This is a Maduro that I plan to enjoy again soon and suggest that you do the same!

Hello one and all!  I’ll be offering my take on all things cigars to Food and Wine blog in the coming weeks.  Much like beer, wine or an expertly blended coffee, a hand rolled cigar is a high expression of art.  Cigars are more than a consumable item, they are an experience.  They serve as markers of moments in time, special events and when it is “the right cigar”… the simple act of slowing down to enjoy it with others or in solitude it is a special occasion unto itself.

I hope that you enjoy my reviews, storytelling and occasional ramblings.


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3 Responses to Cigars, anyone?

  1. Andy says:

    I hope you have another, you’ll need it for Saturday. I look forward to reading the rest of your blog.

  2. Greg says:

    Great write up Tom! I cant wait to learn more about cigars!

  3. Tom says:

    Andy, I hope you are correct RE a Ravens’ win! Thanks, Greg!

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