Food, Wine, Culture TV- Episode 2: WineBloggingWednesday 48 – Back to my wine “roots” in Detroit!

Today is WineBloggingWednesday (which I talk about in the video) and the theme is taking it back to you roots. My wine “roots” began in Detroit with some cheap “wine” and slowly progressed to high end California Cabernet. Join me (and special guest Carlos L) for a tasting, beginning where I began and ending where I was 5 years ago- Drinking big Cali Cabernet and Bordeaux Blends. (Links pertaining to this episode and truncated tasting notes are below the video)

Food, Wine, Culture TV- – Episode 2- Wine Blogging Wednesday from Michael Mohammadi on Vimeo.
Links mentioned:


Lenn Thompson Blog: LennDevours

Wines Tasted:

NV Arbor Mist White Zinfandel: Sweet, sour and dirty laundry water. My mom likes it, but I gotta pour this one out. My rating: 70 pts.

Carlo Rossi “Piasano”: Perfect for a college kid looking for cheap “cooking” wine! Do not drink! My rating: 70 pts

2005 Cinnabar “Mercury Rising”: Good structure, medium tannins a bit rough. Big dark fruits, OK value at $22. Try the 2002 or 2004 for examples of what this wine can do. My rating: 87/88 pts

2005 Worthy Cabernet “Sophia’s Cuvee”: Beautiful nose with nice earthiness, green flavors, black fruits. Great value Cabernet at $30. My rating: 90 pts

2003 Etude Cabernet Sauvignon: A bit off balance, tons of blueberry, other random fruits. Needs decant or time in bottle. Poor QPR at $90- My rating: 89 pts

Main Image of Detroit: Photograph taken by Shawn Wilson using a Canon PowerShot A70 Copied from English Wikipedia.

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